Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Getting pulled over....on my bike?

I really try to be a good citizen. I cross at crosswalks and never cross against the light. I pay my taxes, albeit on the 15th of April, at midnight. I help little old ladies get their cats out of trees. So, I have to admit, it was more than a little humiliating when an Indiana City police officer pulled me over while I was riding my bicycle...and yes, I had a helmet on.

Merely a few minutes earlier, I had been honked at for entering an intersection waiting to take a left (It is a state law that cars must share the road with bicyclists). I finally did turn left and then riding down Philadelphia Street, I was almost side swiped! Drivers would not leave enough room for me to drive between parked cars and them. So, to protect my life, I took the the sidewalk, and broke the law.

Hence, not even 30 yards on the sidewalk and I couldn't believe that a policeman pulled over, got out, and motioned me to dismount my vehicle. He informed me that it was illegal to ride on the sidewalk. I explained that I would be willing to get back on the road if he could escort me to IUP to ensure my safety. In essence, he didn't appreciate my flip attitude, though I was actually being sincere. He insisted that I remove my vehicle from the sidewalk for the preotection of pedestrians. I looked to my right. I looked to my left. Not one single person was on the sidewalk. To make a long story short, he grudgingly let me go as I grudgingly put my life back in the hands of the drivers of Indiana.

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