Thursday, June 19, 2008

Technology usurping me? Ouch!

Though you wouldn't know it by reading this electronic version, I've revised this blog entry three times.

Just kidding. But this brings up a great point that Dave Moeller talked about in "Computers in the Writing Classroom. " The computer has obliterated clear-cut distinctions between draft 1, draft 2, and draft 3." What else will it obliterate? Me, the instructor? Maybe. I've also learned from the other technology readings (check out Barker & Kemp, Mauriello & Pagnucci, and Strickland from our reading list) of the move from the teacher-centered to the student-centered-to the electronic centered classroom...... I guess this is like trying to stop the tide. It's happening. Adapt or change. The question is how? I do use the Internet, PowerPoint, jump drives, and email. But, I don't think this is really cutting edge technology anymore. What I really need to do is get to know my avatar and see how she copes.

Practicality and technology? Isn't this a paradox? Isn't technology not practical but innovative? I think this has been my challenge in incorporating technology into my classroom- I've been trying to be practical. I use a wireless computer lab. I can use PowerPoint and even show a Youtube video. I can use a Smart Board and even had one of the first electronic grid boards about 8 years ago- now that was neat -until it broke and the school couldn't afford to replace it. I haven't seen one since. More thoughts on this in a bit.

Technology based goals?

#1. Get my avatar dressed.
#2. Get the box off of my avatar's head.
#3. Become comfortable navigating Second Life
#4. Introduce my students to blogging
#5. Keep my webpage fresh and interactive

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