Saturday, June 14, 2008

"Freshman 15" for a doctoral student?

I equate a first year doctoral student to a freshman undergrad. Therefore, I've been fearful of the notorious "Freshman 15" (pounds) the typical student gains. However, putting aside the jellyfish from the Co-op and cappuccino from Java City, it's doubtful I'll fall victim to a growing girth, considering my dining experiences the first two weeks in Indiana.

My husband and I were excited to try The Tandoor, an "authentic" Indian restaurant on Philadelphia Street.......NOT. If I were assigning stars, this would get a black hole. The Lamb Brianni was passable, but the chicken Makhani and Palak were really disappointing. We also went ethnic again with the Mexican restaurant, Cozumel. Stick with the chips, salsa, and margaritas. The burritos were suspect and the enchiladas came with a peculiar brown sauce.

Don't panic yet. Brewsters Ice Cream Shop earns 5 stars! Headed there now. This could be my initiation into the "Freshman 15."


Sarah Henderson Lee said...

Yum...jelly fish! The Conventry Inn is the best place I've experienced so far.


this is hilarious !